Bio-Toxin Protocol: Biological Medicine Approach

This is my Biological Medicine approach for mold associated illnesses.  These supplements and protocols are correlated to lab tests requested by specialized mold physicians: Dr. Richie Shoemaker, Dr. Mary Ackerley as well as my clinical experience with chronically ill patients.

Removal from exposure

Many mold sufferers feel trapped. They don’t know how far they should go to remediate the mold they have in their dwelling. Many resort to abandoning their dwelling place and sometimes the families that stay there. I am not saying you should stay in a mold infested home but there are some things you can do to help. Ideally you could use a mold test called ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index). You want to try and get this number under 2. To clean your environment I have what I would use as a wash solution based on the Essential Oil Tea Tree (Melaleuca) due to its effects on mold.

An easy wash solution to make:

Use Melapower 6x with a few extra bottles of Melaleuca Oil added in.
· Remedy main area of concern by removing all things from affected area of home
· Move everything outside under a tent and let air get into everything.
· Wash walls with solution above
· Wash hard surfaces with solution above
· Clean Vents and HVAC Coils using the solution above

OZONE the house:

I like the 5000 mg/hr Ozone output (OP5000 generator) since it is cost effective for the high ozone output. (Do not have you or your family inside when running the ozone machine.) Ozone the vents and intake. At the level of the HVAC intake you can also get the UV light for the HVAC system installed fairly cheaply.

HEPA filter vacuum the entire house after ozone levels in the air inside the house are gone. (Open windows and doors to allow any ozone is eliminated before occupying the house.) Rent this machine as you will want it gone once you are finished.

Use a Hepa Air filter for the home. Although you can find many manufactures of Hepa Filters, I like the Swedish made (IQ air) because it delivers air filtered down to .003microns. Most others are around .1 micron filtration.

Wash all laundry at once. Rent out the laundry mat if you have too, or set your laundry outside and line dry. Use Melaleuca oil or grape seed extract in your laundry detergent.

I’ve suggested to patients to rent a container like Moving Pods to store their things while the cleaning is being done. Leave it locked up for a few days. If you open it and it smells like mildew you’ll need to clean whatever it is you think is causing it. Look to things like the couch or chair as the fabrics will lock a lot of mildew in them.

After removal and remediation of the inside, move what you can back inside but pay close attention to smells and or mildew buildup.

Leave windows open for days at a time if the season allows.

Use multiple dehumidifiers strategically located throughout the house at all times.

Specific blood testing (Blood Tests to get: C3A, C4A, ADH, MSH, VEGF, TFGB, Osmolality) If you choose to seek our advice you can bring these labs and we can help interpret it for you. Most likely your PCP will not know much about these tests, so you will need someone who knows about mold toxins to interpret these for you.

The more complicated physiological ways to aid in your mold recovery are as follows:

It is important to eliminate the toxic burden that accompanies mold. There are many ways to achieve this. We utilize some of the best naturally based binders. One of those is Enterosgel which is based on organic silicon and designed to remove toxic substances out of the body as well as to regenerate proper microbiomes. Enterosgel destroys pathogenic microorganisms in the GI tract.
Enterosgel absorbs the byproducts of microorganism breakdown. Gram-negative and gram-positive microbes as well as Candida and molds succumb to adhesion and destruction, but the product does not adhere nor destroy saprophyte microflora of the digestive tract like the species of (Lactobacteria, Bifidobacteria, etc.).

PureBlack Carbonized Bamboo is effective as a mycotoxin binder. Other methods of toxin removal you may have available to you are: Infrared Sauna, Activated Charcoal, Chlorella, Detox Baths, Ammonia Support, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), and Cholestpure by Pure Encapsulations, Inc., taken on an empty stomach.

Aid the body’s removal of antibiotic resistant Staph within the nasal cavity. This bacterium further interferes with the body’s natural immune system and depletes MSH, a hormone responsible for proper function of multiple neuro-immune pathways.

We use various products such as Argentyn 23™ which is one of the most researched and the most effective nano-particle silver hydrosol, used to aid the body’s natural antimicrobial defenses. Argentyn 23 is designed to provide safe and precise levels of functional silver. Argentyn 23™ features a unique particle size (average 0.0008 microns) and ultra-fine dispersion that may enhance bioavailability of silver ions. The silver content is 99.99% pure. Argentyn 23™ is a powerful, natural antibiotic and disinfectant.

When Argentyn’s silver particles enter a microbe, it inhibits the microbe’s metabolic enzymes necessary for energy utilization. Microbes cannot build a resistance to the action of silver. In fact, there are no known organisms that can completely withstand the impact of silver. Other products we use include: Jernigan Nutraceuticals, Inc. products, Quintessence, RainTree Products, Researched Nutritionals, and biofilm disrupters, such as Protease.

Correcting Your Body’s Internal Environment to Combat Fungal Infections:
Many people don’t understand the need to remove gluten from the body. One important rule to help with mold toxicity is to correct gluten antibody. To do this one must assume you are gluten sensitive or even celiac and remove it from your diet. Gluten acts upon the tight bonds of the intestinal wall and blood brain barrier. These bonds are called Zonulin. If Zonulin’s hold on the cells is loosened, the gut and subsequently the blood brain barrier may become permeable. Removal of gluten as an offender of intestinal and brain integrity is of upmost importance.

Hormonal imbalances are a large factor in overcoming many illnesses, including that of mold illness. We use Labrix, DUTCH,  Diagnos-Techs which are great salivary and urine hormone labs that can be performed for relativity low upfront costs. It is important to make sure to test estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, and 24-hour cortisol levels and metabolic breakdowns of them.

In order to have proper hormonal balance one must have a proper amount of cholesterol. Most of our patients have low normal cholesterol, between 130-160 total cholesterol. Statins are a mainstream drug used to lower cholesterol. Statins are known to deplete a person to the point of improper hormone balance. This causes the classic “take a pill to counteract the pill you just took” scenario many patients have experienced.

A healthy kidney produces healthy hormones. One hormone that is vital to mold clearing is ADH. ADH is responsible for telling the kidneys to hold onto water or release water through urine. If your urine is super concentrated you are typically dehydrated.

If you have a crystal clear urine stream you may be drinking too much water, thus flushing your minerals. The amount of water you should ingest is ½ your body weight in fluid oz. So if you are 150lbs you would drink 75 oz a day.
If you are utilizing the infrared sauna or working out regularly then you would increase this value by 15-20% or 11-15 oz extra. Below are different concepts on how we address ADH and osmolality. If your osmolality levels are high we may suspect a history of Diabetes Insipidus.

Our doctors check for high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). We may address high levels of nitrogen waste products or recommend addressing the high sodium level (hypernatremia) of the blood. Our history taking will check for stroke or head trauma that may have resulted in a decrease of ADH secretions. Lower than normal levels of osmolality may be due to: adrenal gland insufficiency, history of diseases linked to lung cancer or Hyponatremia due to excessive water intake, or even an underactive thyroid.

Every illness or disease that afflicts us has a base in inflammation. Mold is no different. The two blood tests MMP-9 and VEGF usually requested by mold doctors are addressed as follows: MMP-9 (Matrix Metallopeptidase 9) is an enzyme that degrades collagen which is essential for base membranes of the body and its matrix. VEGF is a signal protein produced by cells that stimulates new vascular growth as well as new budding capillaries stemming from existing vessels. Many factors can aid in the natural processing of inflammation. Such things are high dose (5-7grams) of fish oil a day, using Turmeric tinctures or supplements with proteolytic enzymes, low histamine diets, and improving plant based antioxidant intake. I personally like Vital Protein’s Marine Collagen Peptides. This supplement is highly absorbable and is lower in glutamic acid (an important amino acid but potentially hazardous for glutamate toxic patients). High amounts of Borage oil to increase GLA for oxidative stress, as well as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) for oxidative damage. You must also improve hemoglobin’s ability to carry oxygen by increasing circulation or using supplementation to aid in its ability to bind to oxygen.

The vagus nerve (Cranial Nerve X) plays a large role in overall health of the body. One factor that is consistent with mold physicians is the need to increase VIP production. Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide or VIP is produced in many tissues, including the gut, pancreas and hypothalamus. VIP stimulates Glycogenolysis (stored glycogen to glucose inside the liver for energy), aids in contractility of the heart and causes the opening of blood vessels. It also lowers arterial blood pressure and relaxes the smooth muscle of the trachea, stomach and gallbladder. It down regulates the inflammatory pathways as well. We use specific neurological exercises and resonance based techniques to activate the vagus nerve. A great book that explains the mass effect the vagus nerve has on the body is The Polyvagal Theory by Stephan Porges.

Two factors that most mold experts suggest correcting are the blood levels of C3a and C4a. C3a has a role in the innate and adaptive immune system which activates multiple inflammatory pathways. C3a is able to regulate B cell and monocyte production. Typically medical physicians use high dose statins to clear elevated C3a, but many of our patients are not able to take these statins for reasons listed above. We use natural remedies like CoQ10 as well as many others. We also use resonance matching techniques to aid the body’s natural pathways to bring C3a and C4a into balance. We stimulate Heart and Small Intestine using these techniques as well as the Liver and Gallbladder with nutrition and supplementation. We work with people that have Histamine Intolerance (HI) and Alcohol Intolerance (AI). These types of patients can be helped greatly with overall supplementation of just those two pathways.

An often overlooked problem that faces mold illness sufferers is the Limbic System. The Limbic System controls the basic emotions associated with instinct and mood. Many things can be used for aiding this process. One of my favorite books on the topic is Switch on your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Annie Hopper’s DNRS program or book Wired for Healing is another excellent resource. Other methods include the Gupta method or even Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working. In my experience the mold suffering patients that utilize what we do as well as focus on the Limbic System have greater results than those that ignore the Limbic System’s involvement in health recovery.

Stay tuned for our next blog on the Limbic system.

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